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Cast iron V Shape Block

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    Usage: Cast iron V shape blocks are used in supporting the cylinder components such as spiale, tube and sleeve-shape in order to keep the axial lead parallel to the platform working surface. They are wildly applied in the inspection, lineation, fixing position and clamping in the production processing of precision shaft-like parts. They are supplied in pairs.


Material: HT200-300

Standard: JB/T8047-95

Specification: attached form or customize

Surface treatment: hand-scraped or ground finish

Foundry process: sand casting or centrifugal castings

Molding type: resin sand molding

Painting: primer painting

Surface coating: pickling oil and plastic-lined or covered with anticorrosion paint

Working temperature: (20±5)℃

Precision grade: 1-3 

Packaging: plywood box 

Technical specification of cast iron V shape block (mm):

cast iron V-block JX-Ⅱ

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