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Development of 3D Welding Table

May 04, 2016

In recent years, China cast iron measuring is growing at a rate of more than an average of 15%, according to statistics, 3D welding table accounts for about five percent of all kinds, annual growth rate of up to 25%. International Measuring Industry Suppliers Association official Huang Shihui analysts believe that the main reason for the rapid growth of 3D welding table industry is China's machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, automotive and other industries rapid development, and promote rapid growth of 3D welding table.

Relative to Southeast Asia and Middle East countries, China technology, quality and price of the 3D welding table have advantages, good export prospects. Huangshi Hui said that the Chinese 3D welding table production costs much lower than abroad, with the improvement of the quality and technology of cast iron, not only can reduce imports, and it is possible to gradually open up export markets, to export more cast iron products. 3D welding table has very active market, foundry industry will maintain rapid growth and drive the casting mold manufacturing industry development, it will be a great space for development in the future.

3D Welding Table

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