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Presentation of Cast Iron Angle Plate

May 09, 2016

Cast iron angle plate divided into cast iron bending plate, T-slot cast iron angle plates, right angle bending plate, splice bending plate, granite bending plate, marble curved plate and others.

Cast iron angle plate is used in many ways, it can be used to detect and machining components, used to test the workpiece 90 °angle. When servicing equipment, we can use it to test mutually perpendicular between parts sufaces, is also commonly used for bench marking. And commonly used in the testing and installation mechanical vertical surface, apply to check squareness between high-precision machinery and equipment, and to check the verticality of the workpiece on a cast iron surface plate.

Cast splice bending plate is a specialized tool for machine tools, machinery equipment and spare parts verticality inspection, installation positioning, it is an important measurement tool in machinery industry, it is characterized by high accuracy, good stability, ease of maintenance, easy removal.

T-slot Cast Iron Angle Plate

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