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How to Fix Defect of Cast Iron Plate?

May 13, 2016

Due to a variety of factors, cast iron surface plate often appear defects, such as pores, pinholes, slag and crack. For some cast iron surface plate that has high demand for the quality and appearance, we can remedy defects used a large amount of heat and high speed welding machines. But in the repair field of precision casting, due to the large influence of argon arc welding, the patch will cause deformation of the casting, hardness decreased, cracks, pinholes, scratch, damage internal stress and other defects.

However, cold welding can make up above disadvantages, its advantages mainly in the small heat affected zone, the casting does not need preheating, room temperature cold welding is no distortion, undercut and residual stress, no local annealing, does not change the state of the casting metal structure. Thus cold welding is suit for precision casting surface defect repair.

Cast Iron Surface Plate

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