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The Hardness of 3D Welding Table

May 20, 2016

3D welding table hardness is not enough, casting is easy to deformation, damage, like cast iron inspection plate, cast iron flat feet, cast iron bending plate, v-frame and other measuring tools can not be used accurately, affect the accuracy of of the workpiece monitoring data directly.

Hardness of 3D welding table is decided mainly by the cooling rate, inoculation and chemical composition. Hardness testing methods are not the same, obtained hardness value will be different. For the same component, fast cooling, the hardness is high, slow cooling, the hardness is low.

Adjustment method of the 3D welding table is the inoculation of cast iron, it is the most commonly used method, released molten iron was slowly added inoculant (The most common is 75Si-Fe), after inoculation of gray iron, hardness tends to be uniform, improved machining performance and the strength of gray cast iron. Hardness standard gray iron castings is in HB170-240, depending on the use of the workpiece, hardness does not exceed the range of values.

3D Welding Table

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