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Features of Round Cast Iron Surface Plate

Jun 06, 2016

Round cast iron surface plate is mainly applied to a variety of inspection, precision measurement reference plane; Mainly used for tasting circular saws disk and calibrating precision-tuned reference platform. Round cast iron surface plate used high-quality high-strength gray cast iron HT200-250, face hardness is HB170-240, QT450, ZG45 #. Cast remove internal stress after two artificial annealing 600 ℃ -700 ℃ or natural aging 2--3 years, according to the national standard verification procedures JJG117-91 to execution, it has stable accuracy and good wear resistance.

Surface of round cast iron surface plate may not have slag, shrinkage, scratches, bumps, rust and other defects, which will affect the appearance and performance of pores seriously. Casting surface of the plate should be cleared of sand and smooth. Tablet should be used of fine gray cast iron or alloy material, surface is used scraping process.

Round Cast Iron Surface Plate

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