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Cast Iron Bending Plate Technology Practice

Jun 21, 2016

In cast iron bending plate work, learn to develop a reasonable process rules to improve the skills of the workers, to ensure defect-free use. In the event of defects to be repaired, then we can use, at the time of cast iron bending plate mold, we should pay attention to the intensity of percussion, grind the cast iron plate use the mill technology, to prevent the cast iron bending plate rust on the processed surface. We need to polished used rust water. Reasonable set casting bars, cold iron, riser and gating system. Aluminum die pad pieces of wood to be struck, reducing the extent of the damage of aluminum mold. So that it can make technological process implemented correctly.

We all know that the use process of cast iron bending plate to verify the integrity of appearance, to ensure access to quality castings. Metal charge, refractory materials, fuel, flux, modifier and casting sand will produce pores, pinholes, sticky sand and other defects. Impact appearance and internal quality of cast iron bending plate, serious cause bending iron scrap.

Cast Iron Bending Plate

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