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The Importance of Artificial Grinding Granite Surface Plate

Jun 25, 2016

High precision granite surface plate must be carried out calibration and maintenance after six month of use, with the change of equipment, it can produce the largest granite platform, its sizes can reach to 3000X6000mm, accuracy changed to control CNC grinding machines from the original manual grinding, but the high-precision commodities still need artificial grinding.

Why is the processing of machining worse than artificial grinding skills? CNC machine tools can reach the highest accuracy, if want granite platform to improve again, it is necessary to use artificial grinding. Because precision of granite platform are fine contrast, it will cause deformation of granite surface plate, so if you need high precision granite surface plate, the plate need use artificial grinding. Usually conservation is also important, such as the work surface clean, do not drop and excessive impact.

Artificial grinding is important step for the work face of the granite platform, different precision have different levels, technology is also different!

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