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How to Choose the Most Practical 3D Welding Table?

Jul 05, 2016

With the wide application of the 3D welding table, more and more welding process began to accept simultaneous use of welding platform, so welding platform has a very good market prospects, some corresponding problems have emerged, select 3D welding platform is a very key question.

First, in the time of purchase, we can be distinguished by surface of welding platform, welding platform is welding auxiliary platform by casting, so the surface must be smooth, if production process has the irrational problem, it will cause that surface has bubbles dents or cracks. Welding platform is very heavy, so we also consider the installation issues.

After we analysis these issues clearly, we can understand the quality of welding platform systematically, thus we can buy affordable welding table.

3D Flexible Welding Table

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