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How to Improve The Measurement Accuracy of Cast Iron Platform?

Jul 08, 2016

To ensure measurement accuracy of the DUT, a large extent depend on the employed detection technology. Cast iron surface plate measuring method is easily mastered by inspectors and production workers. So the platform detection method is a practical value detection technology.

Before measurement, need to wipe device under test clean, carefully place of measuring instruments and tools. For example, need maintain a horizontal position, be sure to use level meter to adjust, If the measured temperature is unstable, would have to wait stable temperature to measure, reduce or avoid artificial measurement errors.

We should pay attention to the choice of measurement methods and measuring base surface. Measuring a dimension has a variety of methods, you should choose the most simple and the moat reliable method. Measurement base surface has flatness, straightness, squareness, roughness and other items requirements, these factors directly affect the accuracy of measurement results, must be special attention. Selected measurement base surface must make parts stay in a stable state.

In addition, we can make multiple measurements to improve the measurement accuracy. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, in the measurement using different diameter cylindrical steel balls to measure, we use the average value of the measurement results.

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