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Prevention Measures of Cast Iron Surface Plate Deformation

Jul 12, 2016

Cast iron surface plate produce shape or size change under the action of external forces, that is plate will be deformed, excessive deformation is an important type of cast iron plate face misalignment, is obvious signs of fracture toughness. When the amount of deformation exceeds the allowable limit of cast iron platform, cast iron platform will lose inspection measurement function.

Cast Iron Surface Plate

The whole process of cast iron plate deformation prevention measures:

1. Select material correctly, cast iron plate material selection change with the economic development continue, cast iron plate commonly used ht200-300.

2. Choose reasonable structure size, cast iron plate usually made of box type, square, circular, rectangular shape.

3. Use technological measures to prevent and reduce the deformation, in the production of cast iron plate, in order to eliminate the size, shape occurs deformation, after the low-temperature tempering and before finishing, make cast iron plate reheated to 700-650°C to maintain a certain time, by this aging treatment to stabilize the quality of the plate.

4. Strengthen management, and strictly enforce of the rules, do not store the cast iron surface plate at the corrosive, high and low temperature environments.

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