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Cautions of Cast Iron Plate Production

Jul 18, 2016

Cast iron surface plate is a reference instrument for workpiece detection or painting line. Cast iron plate plays a vital role in the mechanical manufacturing process.

Cast iron platform should pay attention to the following issues:

The operator must strictly follow the process to operate, measuring Tool casting structure make the appearance simple and convenient, sand core number is less, wall thickness is reasonable, junction has a transition. Choose a reasonable gating system, the casting solidify in proper order, to obtain a homogeneous measuring tool. There are some cautions of cast iron platform during casting, sand performance will directly affect the quality of the casting, therefore, sand should have good air permeability, wet strength, mobility, plasticity and yield and so on.

In strict accordance with the order to add material, old sand - new sand - clay - pulverized coal - water. In the control of the casting cleaning process, cleanup process is cleanup measuring the casting to obtain a surface defect-free measuring castings.

Cast Iron Surface Plate

Manufacture of cast iron platform is very strict, rigorous process will produce good measuring tools, cast iron surface plate can be used in machinery manufacturing, chemicals, metals, aerospace, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, instrumentation, manufacturing and other industries, we need to be responsible for these industries, so we must ensure the quality of the cast iron plate.

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