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Cast Iron Surface Plate Surface Roughness

Jul 28, 2016

The surface roughness of cast iron surface plate has significant impact on the overall accuracy, it is necessary to understand its roughness. The surface roughness has in three representation ways, Including the centerline average roughness, the maximum height roughness and ten-point average roughness. What is the meaning of three ways?

In fact, centerline average roughness means, perform a length measurement on the roughened surface of the processing curve. And in accordance with the length of the center line as the X-axis, so that the calculator roughness. Centerline surface occurs curvature or shape error, the roughness along the curve to measure. So it can accurately draw the centerline roughness.

The maximum height of the roughness is the result calculated by highest point of the length of the platform, such roughness is represented in accordance with its relevant calculations, so we need accurate amount of data.

Ten point average roughness is calculated by the third-highest peaks and the third deep valleys. And different roughness measurements indicate different measurements and calculations.

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