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Cast Iron Surface Plate Maintenance

Aug 17, 2016

1.In order to prevent deformation of the cast iron plate, when lifting the cast iron plate or cast iron platform, use the same length of wire rope to catch four lifting holes of cast iron surface plates, make the plates hoist the truck smoothly.

2.Cast iron platform support points need pad to ensure that each anchor force uniform, ensure that the entire cast iron plate, cast iron platform smooth.

3.When using cast iron surface plate, we need place workpiece gently, do not move rough workpieces.

4.After use, we should remove the workpiece from the cast iron plate, and clean the surface timely.

5.Cast iron plate should be installed in ventilated, dry environment, and away from heat, corrosive gases, corrosive liquids.

6.Cast iron plate carry out regular testing according to national standards, according to the specific circumstances of the test cycle for 6-12 months.

Cast Iron Surface Plate

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