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The Installation Method and Steps of Granite Surface Plate

Oct 28, 2016

Granite surface plate is usually used in conjunction with the stent, they are placed separately in the transport process, so when we use, we need to install. Today, we will tell you about the installation of the granite platform and the bracket.

1.Make the platform lift to the platform bracket smoothly, work surface placed on the side of the bracket with the jack.

2.Adjust the feet below the platform support to adjust the level of the platform support.

3.Bolts supporting the platform above the bracket are used to adjust the level of the platform (fine-tuning).

4.Testing platform need to use electronic level or frame-level debugging.

5. Put the electronic level instrument on the platform, If the blisters on the left shows the left is high, blisters on the right shows the right is high. Blisters in the center, then the platform is level, has been adjusted.

Granite Surface Plate

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