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Casting Process of T - slot Plate

Nov 09, 2016

T-slot platform casting process: the general use of resin sand molding (special requirements can be used clay sand), lost foam casting process. Casting quality is high, non-porous sand holes and other casting defects.

T-slot cast iron plate openings were obtuse angle, facilitate the installation of bolts and to avoid scratches. T-slot processing in full accordance with the national standard "GB00158-1996 T-slot". For the special nature of foreign test equipment, can be used DIN876 or ISO8512-1 and other foreign standards. 

T-slot platform accuracy is divided into 0, 1, 2, 3 and fine planing level. Special requirements of the T-slot flat-panel products can use CNC platform to protect the platform with a higher surface accuracy.

T-slot Cast Iron Plate

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