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How to Avoid Deformation of Cast Iron Surface Plate?

Nov 15, 2016

For the cast iron surface plate, the use of process prone to deformation or cracking. So to avoid its deformation phenomenon. Because the deformed platform is not available, will lead to the loss of its standard accuracy of the workpiece, affecting the reputation and development of manufacturing enterprises. So we should try to avoid deformation.

There are four key points to avoid deformation. The first is to select the platform  in line with the provisions of the production standards. The second is to pay attention to temperature changes. Third, should pay attention to avoid beating or knocking phenomenon during the use. This behavior for the platform is a great influence, which will lead to its deformation phenomenon. In particular, to avoid the phenomenon of scratches, it is essential to avoid its impact on accuracy. Finally, we must pay attention to avoid overloading the cast iron platform to withstand the weight.

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