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The Main Difference between Cast Iron Plate And Rock Flat

Nov 18, 2016

The main difference between cast iron surface plate and rock plate is different materials and processing methods. Both measure the accuracy of the products is also different.

Cast iron surface plate made of cast iron material. The cast iron material is fine-grained gray cast iron or alloy cast iron. Common processing method is the scraping method, scraping the flat face can store lubricating oil and accommodate tiny dust in the pit, improve the reliability and stability. Cast iron plate accuracy is expressed as 1,2,3.

Rock flats are made of rocky materials, such as granite diabase, gabbro and other natural hard rock. Machining method is to cut and drill the stone material, polished by repeated grinding to mirror gloss finish. Rock plate has more wear, more stable performance. The rock plate accuracy is expressed as 0,00,000.

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