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The Characteristics Of The Jianxin Manufacturer Of Cast Iron Surface Plate

Nov 21, 2016

Botou Jianxin Casting Tools Co., Ltd is established in June 1978, is a professional manufacturer of cast iron surface plate.Our company's cast iron surface plate has the following characteristics.

1, cast iron surface plate durable, cutting foot and lasting, light guide sand is still a good cutting, push research feel fluent;

2, to build a new cast iron flat-panel device will be cast iron surface plate with the support of the various points to adjust the horn pad, pad real, by professional and technical personnel will cast iron surface plate whole to qualified accuracy;

3, in the cast iron surface plate face measurement work, the workpiece must be lightly put, and can not cause any of the cast iron surface plate face what the scratches;

4, easy to get the amount of pieces required for a higher degree of smooth finish and research, the workpiece mirror Qingliang;

5, when the transport of cast iron surface plate should also plate of the various support points, pad well, so that cast iron plate to maintain stability.

The above is to build some new features of the cast iron surface plate, if you want to know our products, please feel free to contact.

Cast Iron Surface Plate

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