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Precautions for The Placement of Round Cast Iron Plate

Jan 07, 2017

Circular flat plate has the appearance of circular platform, is a precision measurement with the reference plane. In order to prevent the occurrence of harmful deformation of the platform, the support branch in the main fulcrum. during the installation, adjust the plate surface to the horizontal plane as far as possible.

Before using round cast iron surface plate, we should carry out installation and commissioning. Then, wipe clean the surface of the cast iron platform, in the use of the process, we should pay attention to avoid the workpiece and the cast iron platform of the radical collision, to prevent damage to the work surface of the crossed plate; The weight of the workpiece can not exceed the rated load of the cast iron platform, otherwise it will cause the work of lower quality, and may damage the cast iron platform structure, and even cause cast iron platform deformation. We should be more careful to install and use.

Round Cast Iron Surface Plate

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