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Why 3D Flexible Welding Table Accuracy Is Not High?

Feb 06, 2017

Three-dimensional flexible welding table accuracy is not high, the reason can be divided into the use of normal wear or abnormal wear.

One is not normal wear and tear, it is mainly used in the wrong way, in addition to improper maintenance and product quality.

The other is three-dimensional flexible welding table normal wear factors, when three-dimensional flexible welding platform hardness is low, it is easy to wear. If the workpiece is made of cast iron, the wear of its work surface is relatively large, if the workpiece is copper, aluminum and other soft non-ferrous metals, the wear is relatively small, it is easy to scratch the surface of the three-dimensional flexible welding platform. The use of cast iron surface plate working environment is not clean, not only can cause errors in accuracy, but also increase its wear degree.

3D Flexible Welding Table

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