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3D Flexible Welding Table Casting Cleaning

Feb 24, 2017

Three-dimensional flexible welding table casting cleaning is often not taken seriously, as long as the three-dimensional flexible welding platform castings are produced, clean up work can be completed by artificial grinding. Therefore, China's three-dimensional flexible welding platform casting clean level is generally low, poor labor environment. The foundry of each foundry usually has a harsh environment, labor intensity, and poor safety. three-dimensional flexible welding platform castings need to be improved.

The first is the casting quality requirements. In recent years, the host manufacturers have higher and higher requirements on the casting. Three-dimensional flexible welding platform casting is the final coating of parts, in the processing, assembly process, no longer on the casting and so on. Followed by environmental requirements: The state has more and more attention to environmental protection, must pay attention to clean up environmental protection. 

3D Flexible Welding Table

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