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What Is The Use of Cast Iron Surface Plate?

Apr 05, 2017

Cast iron surface plate is widely used, used in machinery manufacturing, chemical, hardware, aerospace, petroleum, automobile manufacturing, instrumentation and other industries.

1.cast iron test plate: mainly used to test the workpiece error of the benchmark.

2.the assembly plate: for complete sets of product assembly, commissioning. Cast iron T slotted webbed angle plate can be mounted on the platform to improve the  assembly accuracy and efficiency. 

3.cast iron crossed platform: mainly used for a variety of parts of the flat crossed and three-dimensional crossed, the platform itself is a flat benchmark, Workpieces in their work surface can be achieved high precision.

4.cast iron base platform: mainly for large equipment, the installation of the workpiece debugging and measurement crossed. 

5.cast iron grinding platform: the precision measurement of grinding plate accuracy is very high, you can use some high-precision workpiece detection, or high-precision workpiece grinding and polishing.

Cast Iron T Slotted Webbed Angle Plate

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