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Difference between 3D Flexible Welding Table And The Traditional Welding Platform

Oct 21, 2020

3D flexible welding fixture is to ensure that the weldment size, improve assembly accuracy and efficiency, prevent the welding deformation of the fixture. It is the combination of 3D flexible welding table equipment. Introduce the 3D flexible welding and the traditional welding tool has a few different.

3D Flexible Welding Table

1.Positioning accuracy is different, welding tooling need consider the accuracy of processing equipment, processing sequence, the operation of the operator guidelines, such as precision variables. Three-dimensional flexible welding fixture tooling has high manufacturing precision.

2.Different customer base, three-dimensional flexible welding fixture is mainly used in the production of small quantities, multi-species, high-precision welding processing units. It is a general-purpose welding tooling, consisting of a standardized module. Three-dimensional flexible welding fixture is widely used in steel structure, a variety of vehicle body manufacturing, rail transportation welding, bicycle motorcycle manufacturing and other welding and testing systems. The traditional welding tooling is generally a special tooling, especially suitable for large quantities of welding products.

3.Economic value is different, the traditional welding tooling is generally made according to a workpiece or a welding process, and three-dimensional flexible welding fixture only need once invest.

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