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Application of Cast Iron V- block

Mar 07, 2017

Cast iron V- block can be used for precision shaft parts of the detection, marking, positioning and machining of the clamping, general supply in pairs, is a quadrilateral body, four working surfaces or four different sizes of 90 degrees of the slot, mainly for the shaft parts of the inspection and crossed. 

Cast iron V- block can be divided into ductile iron V-shaped frame and gray iron V-iron according to the material, ductile iron V-type use is relatively small, generally use smaller specifications, high precision V-type iron, such as: grinding V-iron. Ductile iron V-type frame accuracy is greater than 0 level. Gray iron V-type frame is used widely, low cost, short production cycle, simple process, it is durable, is one of the preferred reasons for manufacturers and users.

Cast Iron V- block

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